Dear World, welcome to my website and my blog! Someone I know might sa - Silly Legacy®

Dear World, welcome to my website and my blog! Someone I know might say: all this for a stray cat?

December 08, 2019 2 min read

"She was just a stray cat…" Well no, Silly was not just a stray cat.

She was my loyal friend, she was my everyday companion, she was part of my life. When she crossed the rainbow bridge, I felt a huge void, and I still do.

Silly was an unfortunate cat who had most likely been abandoned. And then she adopted me. I was so lucky. But there are millions of other unfortunate cats around the world, that don’t deserve to live such horrible lives. These felines all love to be loved and petted and get affection, and give it all back. But they cannot, for they have to fend for themselves in the streets, and are treated like pests.

On this website, one can find the basic information how to coexist with strays and ferals. They can be of great help to keep the real pests away from a home. They can be great and trustworthy companions.

It’s one of the most rewarding experiences, when a feral cat begins to trust a human.

Yes, it is. Trust is very important. Trust feels gratifying. Do I need to say more about trust?


This page is devoted to stray and feral cats. Thanks to Silly I've also been adopted by two other stray/feral cats, who slowly moved into my house and started making messes, especially on my bed. There are many other beds in the house, but they want MY bed. 

I experimented with various materials to prevent the mess, and came up with a solution: the SillyCat Waterproof Bed Cover. When I read that 62% of cats in US households are allowed/encouraged to jump on people's beds, I decided to offer my 'invention' commercially, too. There will be more about the SillyCat Waterproof Bed Cover in my blogs...

Here's Cookie sometime in April 2017, testing the prototype waterproof bed cover. Cookie is my indoor kitty of 7 years. She's been such a big helper in my 2-year project development. :)  

So much for my first blog... 

There will be more about stray and feral cats, and about the SillyCat Waterproof Bed Cover soon... Stay tuned!

And YES, all this because of a stray cat!     :D

Betty :)

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