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Our Story

With the two formerly stray/feral cats Medo and Pupa gradually moving indoors in the summer of 2015, there were soon accidents on beds. Particularly when it happened on my bed at night, I found it frustrating. I had to throw the whole bed into the washing machine at 4am, and was a mess at work the following day. Ouch, and the comforter… It cost me $30 each time at the dry cleaners!

I think I tried just about everything to make this work – that the cats would be allowed on beds and I wouldn’t need to worry. I tried shower curtains. Large 96-gallon black garbage bags. Hospital pads. Lightweight tarps from Home Depot. Sheets of vinyl from Walmart. Multiple blankets. I also researched the Internet and purchased countless items, mostly meant for pets’ accidents. Unfortunately it didn’t work. In general, it was: too hot, too heavy, too small, fabrics weren’t suitable for cats (cat claws), materials were likely toxic, materials were smelly, materials were non-breathable, materials made loud crinkly noises, items slid on the bed too much, stains wouldn’t come off after washing, the coverings needed dry cleaning or were too large to be placed in my home washing machine… I became disgruntled. I combed the Internet for solutions, researched materials, read the negative reviews from customers that purchased different products, to see what they didn’t like or what was missing. I got a clearer idea of a waterproof bed cover!

Now I just needed to find someone that will create the right thing for me. I began my search around the world, including US factories. The biggest challenge was to find a laminating machine large enough for the size I needed – to cover the king size bed. Very few factories have that capability. Of those, many did not even want to talk to me. They thought what I intended to do was never going to happen; I’m just an individual asking for something that doesn’t exist, and of small quantity, and I was wasting their time.

But I finally found a friend in China. This person, too, could not grasp my idea, but I insisted. The sampling slowly began. Over time I received countless samples, and wasn’t satisfied either with my original fabrics choice, or with the shrinkage, with the stains that remained after washes, with the thickness of the fabric, with the thickness of the waterproof material… This sampling and testing went on for about a year – until I was finally satisfied. The result is a lightweight bed cover, with polyester on each side sandwiching a layer of polyurethane (the waterproof material). A big challenge was to find the right density of the fabrics and the waterproof layer, to allow for undisturbed sleep.

I am delighted. It is a saver for my king size bed. Of course I needed to assess the lifestyle of my 3 cats. Two out of three don't have their claws trimmed. One of three always kneads (and I love it!). Because of that, I need to use a thick cotton sheet on top of the Cover, to prevent punctures. Assess the lifestyle of your pet. You might find the solution to accidents/messes in the Silly Legacy® Bed Cover. From the heart,

Mom of Cookie, Medo and Pupa... and new addition Bibi.

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