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Our Story

Silly Legacy’s journey began in 2015 with two stray cats named Medo and Pupa. Being an animal lover, I felt compelled to adopt these two little furballs and they, along with the latest edition of Bibi (yet another stray cat), have become an integral part of my life.

It wasn’t all happiness every step of the way though, and things even started off quite rough.

All the other problems of adopting a stray cat notwithstanding, the one issue that stood out were the accidents on beds, especially during the night. However, I wasn’t going to let a little bit of cat urine get in the way, and my fervor had me throwing the entire bed into the washing machine at all hours of the night and paying my dry cleaner $30 each time the cats would wet the comforter.

Even though my love for the cats did not wane, I had to find some kind of practical, cost-effective and waterproof solution for my bed and couch.

That’s when I thought of laying out something on the bed for the cats to lie on top of while they sleep. I tried shower curtains, garbage bags, hospital pads, tarps, vinyl, and different types of waterproof blankets. However, nothing, including the blankets, would work.

It was either too hot or not comfortable enough or, because of the smooth material of some of the things I tried, the mess would be even more difficult to manage than it would if it was soaked into a blanket or bedding.

I came to a dead-end when products on the internet, that are meant to help with pet accidents, turned out to be of no help. That was when I decided to just create the product I was looking for! Now, the biggest challenge was to find a laminating machine large enough to create a bedsheet for a king-size bed.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many factories in the US who have those capabilities and the very few that did, could not find the time to talk to me. None of these manufacturers believed that the type of product I wanted could exist, so I was seen as wasting their time. 

I finally managed to find a friend in China who led me to the right manufacturer who could bring my idea to life and the foundations of Silly Legacy started to take form. The biggest challenge was to find the right density of the fabrics and the waterproof layer, allowing for undisturbed sleep. After months of testing different materials and thread counts, and putting all the different samples through rigorous use, it was a year before the first perfect Silly Legacy bed cover was born. 

What we had in our hands was a lightweight bed cover with polyester on each side sandwiching a layer of polyurethane. The bed cover is so lightweight that you can use it as a cover to protect your comforter and lay another bedsheet on top. This is especially helpful for a kneading cat. If your cat has a better sense of where to scratch, then just use the bedsheet as the only cover for your bed. Either way, you and your pet will have a purr-fect night of sleep!

And that my friends, is how Silly legacy came into being! Please feel free to subscribe and email us, we love your feedback and aim to respond to each and everyone of you.


Mom of Cookie, Medo, Pupa, and Bibi

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