FAQ - Silly Legacy®


The Silly Legacy Bed Cover is made with polyester, and waterproof layer of polyurethane.

No. Whenever I do notice that my dog has peed on the blanket, it has usually dried. Then I just take a wet cloth with some soap and wash it off and spray some Fabreeze on the spot. I have never had a spot go through the blanket and I have tested it before I washed it when I received the blanket like I was instructed. Also, it has been washed several times and has worked like a charm that I purchased another one as a spare and to put on my small couch (for kind of a storage/usage). 

Yes I believe it is. It is 100% polyester (100% polyurethane). That is what is on the tag. It is machine washable, NO fabric softeners, NO hot water and NO ironing. So cold water washing and low/delicate tumble drying.

The surface is rather slick so it doesn't grab at the pet hair like a bedspread or quilt. We have three cats and I haven't noticed any hair on it like on our quilt. When they wrestle on it and one gets some fur clumps pulled out, it is easy to wipe off.

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